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Level up your speech journey

SpeechFit is the companion app for Camperdown, Lidcombe, Westmead and Oakville that you've been waiting for. Complete with annotated audio recording and live sync.

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speechfit the speech therapy app you have been looking for


Focus on making gains, not on managing therapy. Super easy to use.



It's a breeeeeze to adapt SpeechFit to fit your needs. Just drag and drop.



Bank-grade encryption. HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. A culture of security.

Developed with

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SpeechFit was created together with Dr. Gillian Zavos of The Stuttering Clinic.

Dr. Zavos is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who concentrated her practice on stuttering 25 years ago. She is passionate about understanding stuttering and helping people who stutter and their families to improve communication skills.

Take the smooth path to progress


Becoming a more eloquent speaker requires hard work and determination, from you and your child, or from you as an adult. With SpeechFit, forget about managing therapy and focus on the level up!

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Engage with treatment, anywhere on any device

Make consistent progress with ease. Collect daily measurements, situations and practice from anywhere. Any device, no download required - one beautiful experience.

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Set new challenges with complete flexibility

Start from template or from scratch, then adapt the program to make it uniquely yours. As you reach new heights, configure SpeechFit to be exactly what you need.

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Highlight speech with annotated audio

Save the back and forth for the rowing machine. Pinpoint areas of interest in audio samples with a simple click and drag! To add a note, just start typing.

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Share securely. Live-sync for telehealth

Sharing between client and clinician is effortless. During telehealth sessions, use live-sync so that you are always on the same page.

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Celebrate progress as you make gains

Always know where you're improving and by how much with interactive, customisable charts. From reporting frequency to keep you accountable, to progress and categories, SpeechFit has you covered!

Try it for yourself!

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