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Telehealth Software for Speech Pathology

Need something that meets the specialised needs of speech therapy? SpeechFit offers advanced features like real-time audio annotation and fluency cycle synchronisation to level up your remote sessions.

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Make it easy to collaborate, no matter where you or your clients are

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Launch a session in moments

Bid goodbye to cumbersome setup procedures. In under 60 seconds, our intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you assemble all the key elements of a therapy session, so you can zero in on client engagement.

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Integrate multimedia exercises with ease

Supplement your sessions with rich, multi-format exercises. Whether it's text, video, or images, our user-friendly Markdown editor makes it effortless to diversify your therapeutic approach.

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Collaborate in real time with live sync

Synchronize your efforts like never before. Work on the same therapy cycle sheet alongside your client, and witness immediate updates from both sides—streamlining your collaborative workflow.

audio recording and annotation

Share and annotate audio instantly during sessions

Unlock greater insights from your audio samples. Use simple click-and-drag techniques to spotlight key segments, and add annotations directly. No misunderstandings, just clear, collaborative analysis.

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Stay organised while giving your clients freedom to adapt

Break free from app-hopping. Keep a detailed record of each session, from homework assignments to discussion topics, consolidated in a shared digital space—making every interaction more productive.

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100% free for speechies

No Upgrades Required. No Hidden Costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to everything you need to know about SpeechFit.

SpeechFit is an app that helps speech therapy clients and clinicians manage therapy. It's completely customisable with drag and drop so clients can tailor it to their own needs and includes 4 templates, as well as a bunch of features tailor-made for speech therapy like audio annotation.

SpeechFit has all of the features that clients need to succeed in speech therapy. Additionally, we've designed it to give you control over how much control your clients have, be 100% free for clinicians, and allow clients to make their own adaptations. Clients pay a small monthly fee depending on the features they need. You will also notice that the free plan contains 31 free entries - one for each day, so many of your clients will be able to keep daily measurements each day for free. We think this configuration will give clients the best chance of succeeding, and when they win, you win!

SpeechFit is 100% free for clinicians. We want you to use it to help your clients. Even though clients on the free plan can't access premium features such as annotated audio, they can access any annotated recordings that you create during session.

Clients who want premium features such as audio annotation and live recordings pay a small monthly fee.

SpeechFit is protected by bank-grade security, industry-standard encryption, and a number of cultural and technical initiatives to keep you and your clients safe. You can learn more about this on our security page.

We would LOVE to hear from you! If you have any tips, suggestions, or any other feedback that you think we should hear, please go to our contact page and get in touch with us using the form. We'd really appreciate it.

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