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Camperdown Program App for Speech Therapy

SpeechFit makes it easy to focus on progress in speech therapy for stuttering. Enter your fluency cycles. Share and annotate audio securely. Integrate exercises into your practice. Collaborate with your clinician.

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Developed with

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SpeechFit's Camperdown Program App was created together with Dr. Gillian Zavos of The Stuttering Clinic.

Dr. Zavos is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who concentrated her practice on stuttering 25 years ago. She is passionate about understanding stuttering and helping people who stutter and their families to improve communication skills.

We thank Dr. Zavos for her wisdom and guidance.

Everything you need to succeed on Camperdown

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organise speaking situations

Organise your speaking situations

Take Camperdown with you wherever you go and get insights into your speaking performance in any situation.

practice anywhere

Practice fluency cycles anywhere

Put away the pens and paper and use SpeechFit to enter fluency cycles easily. Get a super intuitive interface that works with you to help you grow. Integrate specialised rules like every 3rd cycle is a Training Model.

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Rate yourself with guided, program-compliant scales

Get big, touch-optimised raters complete with instructions for Fluency Technique, Stuttering Severity, and SUDS.

Customise raters from 0 to n, add booleans, and employ checklists, multiple choice questions and sentiment raters

drag and drop customisability

Adapt your program with drag-and-drop as you grow

Need to change what you're tracking? No worries! SpeechFit makes it easy for you to customise your program with drag and drop flexibility.

record and annotate

Record and upload audio, then add annotations

Securely record and upload audio, then listen back to it and annotate areas of interest. If you are doing this with your clinician, your recording and accompanying annotations will come through in real time so you are always on the same page.

post gains

Work with your clinician to post gains

Share your account with your clinician, and during telehealth sessions, your account will sync in real time so that you are always on the same page.

get analytics

Track your progress with rich interactive charts

Never guess how you're doing! Track your progress across all speaking situations, as well as daily reporting frequency, stuttering severity, and fluency technique.

Want to track something else? No worries. Just click and edit and set it up in a second.

session notes

Keep detailed session notes shared with your clinician

Get the most out of therapy with shared session notes that include homework, action points and a large markdown-ready input surface to securely store all of your learnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

SpeechFit is an app that makes it easy for you to enter fluency cycles, keep track of daily measurements, upload or record audio and annotate it, and share everything with your clinician. It also has features designed to make telehealth easy.

SpeechFit is free to use on the Camperdown Program for stuttering.

Yes! SpeechFit has been designed to adhere to the latest version of the Camperdown Program (2023). If and when this is updated, we'll update the app with any changes that are required to continue adhering to the Camperdown Program guidelines.

Once you sign into SpeechFit, you can go into your account settings and invite your clinician to access your account. When you invite a clinician to your account, they will be able to access almost everything that you can see. Notable exceptions include the account settings and billing settings pages. You can remove your clinician at any time.

SpeechFit features bank-grade security and numerous protections aimed at keeping your data safe. You can learn more about our security measures on our security page.

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