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Your toolbox for speaking success

SpeechFit is the speech therapy app you have been looking for. Packed with rich features that make therapy fun and collaboration easy, SpeechFit is designed to help communication abilities flourish.

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For Clinicians

Design speech analysis programs that work for you

Start from Camperdown, Lidcombe, Westmead or Oakville or from scratch. Customise your program with 10 components to choose from.

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Start with templates

4 clinically-approved program templates to start from. 1 click to set up.

Build with blocks

Delete, add or change components as required using drag and drop.

Configure to perfection

Need to make changes? Configure each component until it’s perfect.

program compliant raters for stuttering programs

Get handbook-compliant raters

Pre-configured raters including instructions for:

  • Camperdown

  • Lidcombe

  • Westmead

  • Oakville

Additional options include a boolean, emoji raters, and ability to set the rater to any number from 0 to n.

annotated audio recording

Add annotated audio recording

Securely upload or record high fidelity audio from any device with super fast upload and transfer times.

Want to annotate? Click and drag to select an area of interest, then type! Annotations are automatically saved.

Audio is encrypted and private.

speech and analysis charts

Configure in-depth analytics

Never wonder how you're doing. SpeechFit gives you rich, customisable charts that track your progress. If you start with a template, your account will come configured with:

  • Reporting Frequency

  • Stuttering Severity

  • All Categories

Want to make changes? No problem. Just hit edit.

live sync for telehealth

Use live-sync for telehealth

SpeechFit is perfect for telehealth. As you or your client enter fluency cycles, record audio, or annotate recordings, you'll always be on the same page with lightning-fast live sync.

use on any device

Take your program with you wherever you go

Make consistent progress no matter where life takes you.

Anywhere you go, on any device - one beautiful experience.

session notes

Keep session notes synced between client and clinician

Detail homework and discussion topics in session notes and share between clients and clinician. Get a rich text editor and medical-grade transcription AI to turn your speech into text.

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